Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Paint Can Go A Long Way

When painting a house, or rooms inside a house, it is important to know how to apply paint the right way.  There is a method to this painting madness and tricks to getting your rooms to look the best they ever have.  It all starts with picking out the right colors for your room.  There are certain colors that go well together and will make your room look bigger, brighter and more appeasing to the eye.
Certain rooms take to certain colors better than other rooms would.  A living room, for instance, usually looks better with lighter colors, as it makes the room feel comfortable and homey, like it should.  Yellows, tans, light browns or whites are good for this type of relaxing room.  A dining room or kitchen, however, can have a darker color on the walls such as shades of red, orange, bright yellows or greens.
Incorporating trim in each room is a good move to make as well.  However, trim can be integrated with not only paint, but wallpaper.  Some people may not want to paint and instead, hang wallpaper.  This idea can be just as good depending on what room you are remodeling, what style of wallpaper you are using and the colors you are trying to match up.  It is solely about preference and what you think looks well together in the given room.
Painting a room is not a hard task to complete.  Take out all furniture and wall decorations then cover up anything that you don’t want to get paint on.  This would include the floor and outlets around the room.  Next, you’ll want to sand the walls and fill in any gaps and holes with caulk or patching compound.  Re-sand after you are done filling in any imperfections, wipe down the walls with water and a sponge then vacuum the room.  You are now ready to paint! 


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